One, states would not be rushing examination help create exam help patchwork quilt of consumer protections if Verizon lobbyists hadn’t successfully confident former Verizon attorney turned FCC boss Ajit Pai exam help kill present, modest federal protections. This is entirely exam help problem of ISP lobbyists’ making. It’s also worth noting that ISPs like Verizon have spent many years writing quiz help acquiring protectionist, competitors killing state laws in order examination help give protection to their neighborhood broadband mono/duopolies. When folks have pointed out that perhaps giant ISPs should not be writing shitty state law, ISPs quiz help the lawmakers paid examination help love them have cried in regards to the trampling of “states rights. ” Yet when those self same states basically try examination help do anything good for the end user, trampling those same rights appears exam help be exam help non issue. That’s an obvious double commonplace by any degree.