Table 1. Commuter Fuel Savings quiz help CO2 Mitigation for 8 Online College Classes Column 1 headings: class enrollment, response rate, percentage who drive exam help campus, said reduction in using trips due examination help online layout round trip distance, reduction in miles driven over the semester, gallons of fuel saved, total CO2 mitigation tons over the semester for these commuters, mark downs per enrolled online pupil in kilos, averaged over the entire class including nondrivers. After the CO2 calculation was achieved, results were made accessible examination help the students by email or in four categories on an internet dialogue forum. Student reactions by go back email or posted examination help the forum were reviewed by way of the instructors subjective appraisal. When offered with the results of this class demonstration, the students typically answered with surprise quiz help exhilaration that their selection of a web class had resulted in constructive effects for the environment. The following are representative of comments published on the dialogue forums brought on only by exam help description of the class effects for CO2 emissions: Discussion It was hypothesized that providing exam help direction on-line will bring about fewer pupil commute trips examination help campus quiz help the discount in non-public riding will bring about less carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere.