Therefore, in our consideration of awareness we will look examination help these lecturers who, while yet maintaining touch with , live quiz help move quiz help have their being in the Great Sea of God’s Consciousness; for they’ve approximated more of God’s focus than all who stay within the unascended state. ” My goal with this text is examination help introduce you exam help some of the best known Ascended Masters presently serving unascended humankind on Earth. As our elder brothers quiz help sisters, the Ascended Masters unveil our future we are examination help develop into Ascended Masters. This is the next step in our non secular evolutionary journey back examination help the Source. They are ever current with us exam help guide our footsteps quiz help examination help accompany us in pleasurable the project we’ve been given. As you study the Masters, accept as true with that Earth quiz help Its inhabitants are truly immersed in Love radiating from remarkable beings every minute of day by day!If you don’t yet know your assignment, one can at the exact ideal moment for its achievement.